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Suspension Specialists


Have you got issues with your vehicles steering or suspension?

This could be a fatally dangerous issue that MUST BE FIXED ASAP.

Car Suspension Specialists in Seventeen Mile Rocks

At Rocks Car Care, we’ve got all the tools, equipment, and knowledge you need to get your vehicle or light truck in peak performance.

For an expert vehicle suspension service in Seventeen Mile Rocks choose Rocks Car Care.

Rocks Car Care are complete experts in providing help with advice on shocks, steering or brakes and we have been offering a high quality service in this location for more than 10 years.

Rocks Car Care are unbeatable car Mechanical Servicing specialists in Seventeen Mile Rocks. No mater what you need, we have a selection of high quality vehicle parts available from our wide supplier network.

We want to help you to be safe and sound in your car or light truck, so just choose the service or product you need assistance with.